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UpCity Daily Tips   UpCity Daily Tips September 16, 2014
Top 25 Marketing Tools Restaurant Owners Should Try
PMQ Pizza Magazine   PMQ Pizza Magazine
August 2013 Issue

The Best of the 2013 National Restaurant Association Show
Intuit Small Business Blog   Intuit Small Business Blog January 8, 2013
4 New Ways to Collect Customer Feedback
MSNBC   MSNBC June 4, 2012
Skip Yelp, text your terrible experience right to the restaurant
Gizmodo   Gizmodo June 1, 2012
The Easiest, Most Trigger-Happy Way to Complain About Your Lousy Meal
Yahoo! Small Business Advisor   Yahoo! Small Business Advisor December 10, 2012
Platform enables restaurant patrons to text the manager direct
The Huffington Post   The Huffington Post September 7, 2012
Restaurant Owners: What Happens When Restaurants Get Back At Reviewers?
OrderUp Digital Marketing   OrderUp Digital Marketing June 10, 2013
Texting for Restaurants
Business Bee   Business Bee July 19, 2013
Talk to the Manager Provides Anonymous Feedback for Businesses
Social Hospitality   Social Hospitality May 19, 2013
Q&A with Talk to the Manager
STORES: National Retail Federation Magazine   STORES: National Retail Federation Magazine
January 2013 Issue

Text to Talk
American Express OPEN Forum   American Express OPEN Forum October 23, 2012
The Definitive Guide to Getting Customer Feedback
GeekWire   GeekWire February 20, 2013
A night of stunts and startups at the inaugural Seattle Tech Meetup
Network Solutions Grow SmartBiz   Network Solutions Grow SmartBiz January 30, 2013 Small Business Toolkit: TalkToTheManager (Business Review Solution) September 15, 2012
Talk to the Manager: a new social media tool for diners
The Globe and Mail   The Globe and Mail June 4, 2012
Bad service? Just text the waiter’s boss
Foodbeast   Foodbeast May 31, 2012
Text Your Complaints in Real-Time with the New ‘Talk To The Manager’ Application
Springwise   Springwise December 10, 2012
Platform enables restaurant patrons to text the manager direct
KOMO 4 News    KOMO News September 4, 2012
TV Interview for KOMO 4 News

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CBC Spark - CBC Radio    CBC June 22, 2012
CBC Interview for Spark Podcast
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NewsTalk 1010 Toronto    NewsTalk 1010 Toronto June 7, 2012
Radio Interview on Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard
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GeekWire   GeekWire September 13, 2012
What’s percolating at SURF? Startup incubator opens unique geek coffee shop
Download press release (PDF)
100Shiki   100Shiki December 11, 2012
レストランなどの感想をSMSで送れる『Talk to the Manager』
Eater   Eater June 4, 2012
Service Lets You Text Complaints to Restaurant Managers
KillerStartups   KillerStartups June 12, 2012
TalkToTheManager Wants To Connect You To Better Service
The Daily Meal   The Daily Meal April 17, 2012
Having a Dining Disaster? Talk to the Manager
Phoenix New Times   Phoenix New Times June 5, 2012
"Talk to the Manager" Fights Passive-Aggressive Anonymous Reviews With Anonymous Texts
Fine Dining Lovers   Fine Dining Lovers June 5, 2012
Ask For Help Before You Yelp
WHDH 7 News Boston   WHDH 7 News Boston June 5, 2012
Skip Yelp, text your terrible experience right to the restaurant
Gadgetica   Gadgetica June 2, 2012
Complain about a business directly by texting the manager with “Talk to the Manager”
BioBioChile   BioBioChile June 5, 2012
¿Te atendieron mal? Servicio en línea permite “acusar” a garzones con el dueño del restaurante
Miami New Times   Miami New Times June 6, 2012
New "Talk to the Manager" Allows Diners to Text Complaints to Restaurants
Restaurant Hospitality   Restaurant Hospitality June 7, 2012
Nip negative Yelp reviews in the bud
Restaurant Mobile Marketing   Restaurant Mobile Marketing June 4, 2012
Instant Contact with Restaurant Patrons Through Mobile Devices Reduces Negative Reviews
Mon Petít Biz   Mon Petít Biz January 31, 2013
Une plateforme permet aux clients d’un restaurant d’envoyer un texto anonyme au manager
Digital Journal   Digital Journal June 6, 2012
Restaurant Owners Seek New Methods for Combating Yelp Reviews
Tech Cocktail   Tech Cocktail May 29, 2012
Every Cell Phone Becomes a Comment Card With TalkToTheManager
Food Inspiration   Food Inspiration December 18, 2012
Een nieuwe manier van reviewen: TalktotheManager
TrendHunter Tech   TrendHunter Tech December 12, 2012
SMS Customer Complaint Services
MegaTechNews   MegaTechNews June 9, 2012
TalkToTheManager Caters to the Nonconfrontational
Tech Reviews and Help   Tech Reviews and Help June 10, 2012
Text the manager of a store or restaurant with Talk To The Manager (TTTM)