Features & Benefits

Top Features


  • no software integration
  • no downloads
  • no apps
  • no smartphones required
  • every customer can use it immediately
  • no setup fees

Analytics & Measurable Metrics

Looking to measure how you're doing? We analyze the sentiment of customer comments so you can track progress and improve each month. We also help you discover operational trends so you can quickly make improvements.

analytics dashboard

Social Sharing

Your customers are going to give you great feedback. We make it super easy to share those positive comments on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more »

social sharing in a tweet

Customizable Auto-reply

When a customer texts your business for the first time, they always receive an auto-reply, customized by you!

customized auto-reply

Support for Pictures & Video (MMS)

When a customer sends a photo or video to point out an issue that needs addressing, you'll see it on your phone. You can reply with a photo or video, too.

mms support

Control the Service by Sending Text Messages

You're too busy to babysit a website during the work day. Run the show from your cell phone using text messages:

  • block annoying customers
  • put messages on hold when off-duty
  • take messages off hold
  • broadcast a message to your entire management staff


  • Retain customers you might have lost
  • Intercept bad reviews, so they don't end up on Yelp or TripAdvisor.
  • Create positive buzz by offering such a customer-centric (and awesome) service
  • Improve your online review ratings by fixing issues while the customer is still there (before they become bad reviews)
  • Texting is as easy as a tweet!
  • Discover service, product, and facility issues you never expected.
  • Only 43% of US mobile subscribers have a smartphone, but all cell phones can send and receive text messages (no need for an app).
  • Show your customers you care by using this open communication channel (even if they never send a text).

Just try it for a month and find out what your customers want to tell you! »

Even More Features


  • Receive messages from customers by text message, email, or both!
  • You and your managers' cell phone numbers are kept private.
  • Canned responses to save you typing on your phone when responding to customers.
  • After hours autoreply during times when your business is closed for the night.
  • All customer messages (and your responses) are stored so you can review them at any time on the website.
  • Customer phone numbers are hidden to protect their privacy (and anonymity encourages honest feedback)
  • Respond to customers via text message, email, or through the web site.
  • Support for sending and receiving very long text messages. You're not limited to 160 characters!
  • Put messages on hold (for the whole location or just yourself) when you don't want to be disturbed.
  • Profanity is automatically censored (and show if needed [profanity doesn't mean bad feedback])
  • Block abusive customers with one simple text command from your phone
  • Messages are private between the customer and the business.
  • Customers may opt-out at any time (in accordance with mobile privacy agreements)
  • Option to receive a daily summary of all messages received the previous day.

Your Business

  • Get a phone number in your area code
  • Purchase professionally printed signs or download print-ready signs to get you set up with a professional look
  • Add as many managers as needed (shift leaders, managers, owners, etc) - these people will get the customer messages too!
  • Have more than one location? Add another business to your account at any time. See pricing for details. Each location will get their own TalkToTheManager phone number in that location's area code.
  • Your business in Canada? It works there too! Canadian flag


  • Free TalkToTheManager widget for your website, so customers can contact you outside of the physical business. See an example on our contact page.
  • Feature customer testimonials on your website using our testimonial widget that shows selected messages that customers have sent.

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