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Retain customers

Don't lose another customer. Give them a way to reach out.

Intercept complaints

Fix issues immediately so complaints don't end up on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Save money

Discover operational, service, product, and facility issues you never expected.

Create positive buzz

Your business will be special by offering such a customer-centric (and awesome) service.

Improve your ratings

Fix issues while the customer is still there (before they become bad reviews).

Show customers you care

You'll be admired, and different from your competition.


Support for Pictures & Video (MMS)

When a customer sends a photo or video to point out an issue that needs addressing, you'll see it on your phone. You can reply with a photo or video, too.

Customizable Auto-reply

When a customer texts your business for the first time, they always receive an auto-reply, customized by you!

Social Sharing

Your customers are going to give you great feedback. We make it super easy to share those positive comments on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more »


No software integration.
No downloads.
No apps to install.
No smartphones required.
No setup fees.
Your customers can use it immediately.

For your Business

Get a phone number in your area code
Professional signage - ready to order
Professional signage - free to download and ready to print
Simple monthly billing
Add additional locations (numbers) easily
Add additional managers to receive messages
Social sharing of customer messages on Facebook & Twitter
Phone number widget for your website. See an example.
Testimonial widget - feature positive customer messages. See an example.

The first month is FREE.
Then only $29 per month per location.

No contracts.  No setup fees.  Cancel at any time.

For Managers

Customizable autoreply
Receive customer comments by text
Receive customer comments by email
Respond to customers by text
Respond to customers by email
Respond to customers from the web site
Multiple managers can receive message and respond to customers
After-hours autoreply
Optional daily email summary of conversations
Simple & informative analytics


Customer and manager numbers are hidden
Canned responses - saves you from typing on your phone
Customer conversations are stored and viewable
Long SMS message support - up to 1,600 characters
MMS support - photos & video
Messages are private
Profanity is censored by default
Customers can opt-out any time

By Sending Texts, You Can:

Put messages on hold
Block annoying people
Put messages on hold for your location
Put messages on hold for yourself
Broadcast a message to all managers at a location

Why Text Messaging?

Only 43% of US mobile subscribers have a smartphone, but all cell phones can send and receive text messages (no need for an app).

Hi Canada!

Canadian flag   Is your business in Canada? Our service works there too!

The first month is FREE.
Then only $29 per month per location.

No contracts.  No setup fees.  Cancel at any time.

Share Customer Testimonials

Social sharing makes it easy to share great comments from your customers on social media.

How Social Sharing Works

  • Over 75% of customer messages received are positive.
  • Share customer comments on Facebook and Twitter with just 2 clicks.
  • You choose what to make public.
  • Texts are anonymous - you're free to share.

The first month is FREE.
Then only $29 per month per location.

No contracts.  No setup fees.  Cancel at any time.

Premium Feature: Text Message Surveys

Our text message-based surveys are easy to set up, and your customers will appreciate the convenience and enjoy the experience. For more information, visit Text Message Surveys.

Premium Feature: Basic Performance Reports

We use automated algorithms to determine the sentiment (positive/negative) of your customer messages, and provide information on message sentiment and volume in these easy-to-read reports. For more information, visit Basic Performance Reports.

Premium Feature: Advanced Performance Analytics

Our analytics service is truly amazing. We provide straightforward analytics and actionable insights into your business: where you're doing great and where your organization and staff need improvement. For more information, visit Advanced Performance Analytics & Reports.

The first month is FREE.
Then only $29 per month per location.

No contracts.  No setup fees.  Cancel at any time.

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