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The Concept

TalkToTheManager allows business owners to get anonymous comments from customers by text message and the ability to respond in order to address customer service, product, and facility issues before a bad experience becomes a bad review.
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Each business that signs up gets signage featuring their own unique phone number. When a customer texts their comments to the number, the message is forwarded to the management staff at that business, and anyone on staff can respond. All others on the contact list will get a copy of the response, so everyone on the management staff stays in the loop.

TalkToTheManager is a great fit for any service / hospitality-related business: restaurants, hotels, spas, salons, retail (and many, many more) because it creates a connection to the customer even if the environment is too busy or too large to maintain close contact with customers.

The Team


Chief Feedback Officer

Thanks to you, we're making the service better all the time. You've given us a great list of features to add in the future, so you'll continually see TalkToTheManager improving.

We use the TalkToTheManager service ourselves to gather feedback from you and customers (see the big badge at the bottom of the page?). So we use the same tools you do. That's good for both of us.


John Washam

CEO & Founder

I've been a software engineer since 2001, and have been working for startups and launching startups on the side ever since. I'm a rare mixture of designer, product guy, programmer, and server administrator. I love creating products that people love!

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John Washam and Oscar

Jeremy Luby

Co-Founder & VP of Business Development

Startup junkie! I'm addicted to helping entrepreneurs and making friends in the process. I'm a recent UW grad that's looking to change the world. If you want to help me, let's connect!

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Jeremy Luby