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Important Things to Keep in Mind

Our Starter plan only has enough survey texts for internal testing.

You get very few survey texts with the Starter plan. It is a free trial plan and you will only have 100 texts to try it out internally. If you use this for real-world surveys, you'll run out very quickly, frustrating your customers. To use surveys in a real-world capacity, you must upgrade to the Plus or Pro plan.

You will not see customer phone numbers.

We don't expose the customer phone number, but you can reply by text to a participant. Their customer "number" (abbreviated) is available in the survey results.

To respond to a customer, send a text to that location's TalkToTheManager number, and start the message with that customer number. Example: if the customer number was 16, start the text with "16: " (without quotes) and add your response, like this:
16: I wanted to ask you about one of your survey responses. Do you have some time?

If you want the actual phone number, you can ask for phone number as an answer to one of the survey questions, as an "essay question" (open-ended question) type.

For extremely large events, this may not work for you.

Because the number we provide is a 10-digit number and not a short code (5-6 digit number). 10-digit numbers face throttling under high volume to avoid abuse. We do not control this throttling..

However, about 15-25 people can take the survey at once with little delay. If you need higher volume, there is a setting you can opt into so up to 50 people at a time can take the survey comfortably. Keep in mind this high volume option will make the survey questions come from a number that is not the number we assigned. A customer will text your number to initiate the survey, but the questions and interactions will happen on another number.

You could run out of survey texts

While you have surveys under way, you can keep tabs on how many texts are being used from within the survey manager. We'll notify you when you're starting to run low. You can purchase additional survey texts at any time (on Plus or Pro plan).

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