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Torchy's Tacos Finds Success in Real-Time Customer Feedback with TalkToTheManager

Torchy's Tacos

Torchy's Tacos in Austin, Texas, has been using TalkToTheManager at its 32 locations since 2014, and has found that it's an irreplaceable part of the their customer service program.

Torchy's, a fast-growing Austin taco shop that got its start in a food trailer, has grown to more than seven locations in Austin as well as restaurants in Houston, Dallas, and across Texas. In 2013, the Austin Business Journal named Torchy's one of the city's up-and-coming icons.

TalkToTheManager is a real-time customer feedback service that allows business owners to receive anonymous feedback from customers by text message. Managers can immediately respond by text message or email and resolve issues whether the customer is in-store or not.

Brittany Platt - Torchy's Tacos

Brittany Platt

Director of Marketing
Torchy's Tacos

Brittany Platt, Director of Marketing at Torchy's, had been searching for a better way to get feedback for their busy restaurants. "We wanted a very convenient tool for customers to be able to speak to a manager or a lead store operator at any time because occasionally a manager may not be available," she continues, "For example, a long line may be daunting for a customer who forgot to order a particular item. As a QSR, the customer might think they have to wait in line and go through the whole process again. We wanted something that the customer could feel that they were in control of, even if it's outside of our business hours, or after their said visit. Because a lot of our business comes from to-go orders, many times once the customer is outside of the establishment there's the difficulty of reaching the manager. TalkToTheManager offers optimal accessibility."

The method they had been using to gather feedback wasn't sufficient to make sure each customer was satisfied. "Previously, we received direct feedback in-store and online. In store was simple because we could make rounds and through table touches, we could address complaints instantly. Outside of the establishment, however, guests would use our website or we would get calls to our corporate headquarters where customers would make formal complaints or offer compliments. Those were the only feedback mechanisms we had and those took a lot of time and coordination on our part."

When they started using TalkToTheManager for customer feedback, everything changed. "It was really a game-changer for us. It's a great way to recover angry customers while they're still in-house, but it's also a great way to get positive feedback, too. Not just on a store service level but also on a corporate product level. It's amazing. We love it!"

"It's also a great way to get positive feedback, too. Not just on a store service level but also on a corporate product level. It's amazing."

For Torchy's, the real-time component of TalkToTheManager meant their customer service obstacles were eliminated. Brittany explains, "We were looking to adopt a real-time solution, so customers could reach out to us right then and there, because previously we were having customers jump through a lot of hoops. Often it would cause them to get a little more disgruntled because they had to go to our website and look up the number for our headquarters, and then call the corporate number and speak to a receptionist who maybe hasn't worked even in a restaurant before, and is not familiar with all of our locations and doesn't really know how to handle a restaurant customer. For us, that real-time solution was vitally important, not only for accessibility, but also for connectivity to the appropriate contact - the direct store operator at that time." And since they started using real-time feedback, Brittany says, "we've drastically reduced the number of calls to corporate and we've been able to recover a large percentage of customers and maintain a high satisfaction rate."

"At Torchy's Tacos, there is no customer that's not heard."

Brittany says her favorite feature of TalkToTheManager is anonymity. She gives as an example, "Recently we had one of our customers at one of our locations tell us through TalkToTheManager that 'This margarita is really under par - I'm disappointed', so the manager very quickly responded, asking 'Are you still in the store?'. The customer responded, 'Yes', and the manager was able to go and make them the perfect margarita. Apparently the bartender was still in training, and once we took care of it, the customer just raved about it. That experience could not have transpired were it not for TalkToTheManager."

Torchy's TalkToTheManager number on a to-go bag.

Torchy's TalkToTheManager number on a to-go bag.

Torchy's has implemented the service by promoting the number in various places. "At Torchy's Tacos, there is no customer that's not heard. We have a TalkToTheManager number displayed on stickers on every single to-go bag, and we have inserts in our napkin dispensers at the table. If a customer wanted to get in touch with a manager, they wouldn't have to try very hard. The information is very present."

"With this service, we have a very low rate of unsatisfied guests because we're able to either resolve the issue right away or at least offer a sincere apology from the store manager. Operationally, it allows us to see where we may be lacking in training."

"We've been able to recover a large percentage of customers and maintain a high satisfaction rate."

Beyond what TalkToTheManager provides as a feedback tool, Torchy's also has plans to use it as a marketing tool. "We have a rotating taco of the month and it's a new special every month that allows us to test new products with customers and see how they receive it. Many times, those tacos have been so successful they've made their way to the permanent menu. This is an opportunity for us to use TalkToTheManager to specifically solicit answers from customers to such questions as 'What do you think of this month's taco?' that will help us in an overall corporate marketing product selection goal."

"Operationally, it allows us to see where we may be lacking in training."

Torchy's Tacos is also pleased with TalkToTheManager's own customer service team. "TalkToTheManager in itself has great customer service. Any time I have a recommendation they are very receptive and I can tell that they care about the success of their software. They've definitely made improvements and changes based on our suggestions and I really appreciate that. That's pretty much unheard of with most restaurant services. The customer service support has been awesome."

TalkToTheManager is an affordable service that's simple to implement. It starts at only $29 per month per location, and businesses can start receiving feedback minutes after they sign up. It was made with busy business owners in mind.

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