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Using our Service

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Yes, managers can receive messages by text, email, or both.
No. Neither you nor your customers need to download any app, visit any website, or worry about integrating any software. All you have to do is know how to send a text message.
No, any cell phone will do. We built our service to work with any phone. It even works with that old flip-phone in your pocket that you've had for a decade.

You don't need any special computer skills to use our service.

Responding to Customers

Yes. Managers can respond by text message right from their phone, by email, or from within the website.

Most often issues can be resolved just by being able to communicate. And when the issue does require your face-to-face attention, it's very simple to just ask the customer where they are sitting. If they've already left, they are very likely to provide their phone number, email, or mailing address if you want to compensate them or get more details on an issue. But with TTTM you can always keep the conversation going.

No. Managers can also respond by email or from the website using our response form. Messages sent this way will be sent as text messages to customers without needing to use a cell phone.

For Managers

Yup. In fact you can add as many staff members on the receiving end as you would like. And each time a staff member responds to a message, the rest of the staff members see that response so that customers aren't flooded with responses.
It's really dependent upon how much feedback you ask for. A lot of signage along with front of house employees telling customers about the service will mean getting more messages. But overall our customers average 8-16 per week.
We've found that across the board, 75% of messages are positive. Yes, we were surprised, too. Your customers want to connect and tell you how much they love your place. We get you more positive feedback than you would normally get with comment cards, because we make it so much easier.
Yes. For those businesses fortunate enough to have multiple locations, you may add additional locations to your account at any time. Each location is given its own TTTM phone number.


Nope! You get a 30-day free trial and can cancel at any time. That's right, it's free with no obligation to continue.


Each location has their own autoreply that customers will receive the first time they text you. In this autoreply you can set expectations on when you will be able to respond. And because text messages can be read and responded to when you have the time, they won’t interrupt management duties.
Each manager can easily turn the service off when they go off-duty, and managers coming on duty will be able to turn it it on for their phone - just with a simple text message.
It's easy to remove access to outgoing personnel, so they can no longer access your account, text your customers, or receive texts from customers.
You can block a customer by sending a special text message. For example, if your customer's number is #14, text "block 14" to your TTTM phone number. You will no longer get messages from that customer.


Generally this is a really great place to set expectations with your customers. Maybe thank them for sending feedback and tell them within how long you'll be responding.
Ex: "Thanks for your feedback. Our management staff will get back to you within the hour."
If you're a smaller business, try personalizing it.
Ex: "Hi, you’ve reached Mary the owner. I really appreciate your business & I'll get back to you ASAP."
We are not a review site. We provide a private communication channel between you and your customers. Customer responses go directly and privately to you instead of broadcasted to the public. We help you to reduce negative online reviews and turn potentially negative reviews into positive ones.
Please feel free to create your own! In fact, we encourage you to think of cool new ways and new places to display your TalkToTheManager phone number. Find a way that fits in with your brand, make it your own.
No way. We only send them a nice message the first time they use our service at a new business location to let them know how it works.
Yes, we also serve customers throughout Canada.
You bet. Call center personnel can receive messages by email, or from within the website’s message view, and respond using the website’s response form. You can limit their access to just these duties.