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In accordance with the Mobile Marketing Association's guidelines on preventing SPAM, we have methods for you to opt-out and opt-in to getting messages from businesses using TalkToTheManager.

Opting In

Once you text a message to a business' TalkToTheManager phone number, it means you are intending to communicate with that business, and to complete that communication, the business may respond to you my text message. So by sending a text message, you are opting in.

Opting Out

Businesses will only contact you in response to your texts to them. However, if you are unsatisfied with the messages you are getting, you can text "STOP" to the business' TalkToTheManager phone number. You won't get any more from them. If they attempt to send you a message, they'll get a response indicating that you have opted out.

Opting Back In

You can opt back in by texting "START" to the business' TalkToTheManager phone number. Then, if the business attempts to send a message to you again, it will succeed.