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How to Get Anonymous Customer Feedback By Text Message

We know comment cards have their problems. So we made something better.

texting management using TalkToTheManager

Our service allows your customers to text your business anonymously. When you sign up with our service:

  • We provide a dedicated phone number in your area code.
  • All customers have to do is send comments in a text to the number.
  • We forward the message to your management team by text message or email.
  • You can reply to customers, too!

Use TalkToTheManager

TalkToTheManager is very affordable and super easy to use. Here's a demo video.

Join thousands of business owners who are using anonymous customer feedback.

Instead of comment cards, let your customers text the manager.

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Handle Complaints Privately, in Real-Time

Get Anonymous Customer Feedback by Text Message

Our service allows your customers to send you anonymous feedback by text message, but you can still text them back and resolve problems before the customer leaves. It's completely private.

First month FREE. Then only $29 per month per location.
No contracts. No setup fees. Cancel online anytime.

Olivia Bachman

I graduated from the University of Utah in 2007 with a degree in Communications. I've worked as a freelance restaurant journalist, and full-time as a beverage director. I love creating cocktails!

Salt Lake City, UT
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