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Restaurant Owners Win with Real-Time Customer Feedback

When you went to a restaurant in the old days, you knew the owner by name, and if something wasn't right with your meal, you could just ask "What's with the soup today, Henry?" You can still see this today in small towns and local restaurants where most patrons are regulars.

restaurant long ago

Communities were smaller then. When automobiles and air travel made travel easier, restaurant owners saw more and more customers they didn't know. An upset customer would ask to speak to the manager, but since they had no relationship beforehand, these were interactions weren't always friendly.

That's when comment cards were created. Comment cards were how strangers sent complaints and suggestions to management, if they were unwilling to speak up.

Times change

Now that everyone has a cell phone and the internet, there's no stopping folks from skipping the customer/manager interaction and just going straight to the internet to give their opinion. Without the management interaction, these are one-sided opinions, even though each reviewer feels 100% justified in their perspective of the facts.

Comment cards don't cut it anymore. They are too much trouble to fill out, and by the time a customer gets the card with their bill, they're leaving anyway.

Modern restaurants need real-time feedback solutions. Not just feedback, but the ability to reply to customers to handle complaints before that customer leaves.

Real-Time Feedback, the Easy Way

TalkToTheManager solves the feedback problem. Customers simply text their comments to the phone number we provide to your business, and we route the complaint (or compliment) by text or email to appropriate management and owners.

Managers can respond by text or email while the customer is still on premises, resolving issues or receiving praise for a great experience. If the customer has already left, replying to the customer still reaches them, wherever they are.

Customer texting the manager with Talk To The Manager

It Changes the Business, in a Good Way

With real-time feedback, you discover operational, service, product, and facility issues you never expected.

You don't have to wait until end of shift to read comment cards, when those customers are long gone. And if a problem was pervasive during that shift, the damage is done. It's too late to fix for all the customers that experienced it.

Time matters when a customer is upset.

Real-time feedback informs you of problems now, so you can take care of issues as soon as you become available.

Your employees will take pride in knowing a customer singled them out for their quality service. Share the comments with your staff. They will work better knowing how much they can positively influence the customer experience.

It Brings Customers Back

Happy customers come back. Happy customers tell their friends.

Even if the customer doesn't send a text, they still get the impression that you care. See Yelp section below. You'll be admired, and viewed as different from your competition. Your business will be special by offering such a customer-centric (and awesome) service.

Interaction with customers creates a relationship, even when you don't meet face to face.

Customers who say nice things about you are providing credible and invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. Share their words with the world. TalkToTheManager allows you to share customer comments as testimonials through social media.

Testimonials From our Customers

It was really a game-changer for us. With this service, we have a very low rate of unsatisfied guests.

-- Brittany Platt, Director of Marketing, Torchy's Tacos

The customers love it. They absolutely adore it. It's very powerful. It's a must-have tool for every restaurant owner to run their restaurant in a proactive way.

-- Roland Laurenzo, President, Laurenzo's El Tiempo Cantina

TalkToTheManager is an extremely useful tool to maintain and develop excellent customer service and satisfaction. Far exceeded our expectations!

-- Paul Brady, President/Founder, Brady Family Restaurants, Inc.

TalkToTheManager allows me the opportunity to hear directly from my customer. Sometimes allowing me the opportunity to respond to a problem while they are still in the building.

-- Dustin & Morgan Rallison, Owners, The Rusted Spoon

More Love on Yelp

TalkToTheManager is a surprise to many customers, so we frequently see mentions in Yelp reviews.

TalkToTheManager helping a Yelp review

TalkToTheManager mentioned in a Yelp review

TalkToTheManager improving a Yelp review

Why Restaurant Owners Sign Up

Our customers have signed up for many reasons, but most revolve around customer satisfaction and improving customer service.

graph showing reasons Restaurant Owners use TalkToTheManager

Give TalkToTheManager a try.

Handle Complaints Privately, in Real-Time

Get Anonymous Customer Feedback by Text Message

Our service allows your customers to send you anonymous feedback by text message, but you can still text them back and resolve problems before the customer leaves. It's completely private.

First month FREE. Then only $29 per month per location.
No contracts. No setup fees. Cancel online anytime.

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