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Using TalkToTheManager to Receive Customer Feedback on Your iPad

We get quite a few support calls asking how to use TalkToTheManager with the iPad or other tablet.

The good news is you can view customer messages and respond to customers right from your tablet.

If you have a phone plan

If you have a phone plan for your iPad, your iPad will have its own phone number. You should be able to treat your iPad as a big phone, and receive text messages in your Messages app.

iOS Messages app

Here's a helpful Apple support page that explains how to use Messages.

Add another person to your account and use that phone number as the person's number so messages are sent to the iPad, just as if it were a phone. Then use the Messages app to receive and reply to texts from customers. If it's a shared iPad, you can call the person "Front of House Tablet" so you'll know it's the iPad.

If you have a data plan or wi-fi

You don't need a phone plan, or even a data plan to use TalkToTheManager with your iPad if you have wi-fi. In either case, this is how you do it:

Just log in to the website on the tablet. There is a dashboard where you can view all messages for the location and reply to customers. Go to the Messages tab, and select that location in the dropdown. When a new message comes in for that location you'll get a notification. On the iPad you have to click the big blue button "enable audio notifications" (at the top - see picture below) to allow audio notifications whenever you reload the page so that you can hear it. If you don't need the sound, then you don't need to click the button. You'll get a yellow highlight when a new message comes in, as shown below:

Receive Customer Feedback on Your iPad

Handle Complaints Privately, in Real-Time

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