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How to Buy Extra Text Message Survey Texts

You spoke, we listened!

With many of our customers upgrading to use Text Message Surveys, we were hearing concerns about running out of survey texts.

This week we gave you the ability to purchase extra survey texts that will kick in once you run out of texts during the month.

Note: we've changed our wording to make the concept more clear. Survey credits are now called survey texts. The change is not reflected in the screenshots.

What's a Survey Text?

During a survey, you use 1 text for each text message received and sent to complete the survey with your customer. A customer participating in a survey with 2 questions uses 7 texts:

  • 1 to start survey
  • 1 for instructions
  • 2 to send 2 questions
  • 2 to receive 2 answers
  • 1 for the "thank you" message (customizable) at the end

How to Purchase Extra Texts

To view the number of survey texts available for the month. Go to Manage tab, then the Surveys tab. Click Survey Limits & Usage Under the texts calculator, you'll see a button for purchasing additional texts.

Manage text message surveys UI

Clicking the button gives you a list of text message packages. Of course, pricing is subject to change over time. The larger the package, the greater a discount you'll receive. Unused extra texts roll over to the next month. So don't worry about losing them. You won't get burned by buying more.

buying extra text messages

Where to Find Your Extra Texts

Extra texts appear underneath your regular monthly survey texts on Survey Limits & Usage.

Extra text message survey texts

Once you purchase texts, you can use them immediately if you have run out of texts for a location or account-wide, and have customers taking your surveys. Your extra texts will not be used while you still have your monthly text allowance available.

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