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New Feature: Forget a Customer


In brief, you can make a customer that has texted you before appear to be a new customer when they text you next time.


When a customer first texts your TalkToTheManager number, we assign a customer number to them (example: customer #14). As long as the person texts you from the same number, they keep the same customer ID.

We use customer IDs to protect your customer's privacy, so that you don't see their cell phone number, and they don't see yours.

However, over time, you're likely to figure out who a customer is from their texts, especially if you've interacted with the customer outside of texts to resolve a customer issue.

It's OK to Forget

After you've figured out who a customer is, wouldn't it be nice to forget? To allow them to text you again and get a new customer ID? Then, from your perspective, they seem to be new, and you can give them privacy again.

What happens when you forget a customer:

  • The old customer ID and conversations are preserved.
  • The next time the customer texts again, they'll be assigned a new ID.
  • There is no undo when forgetting a customer. There is no remembering.
  • You cannot reply to the customer.

To remove the old customer ID and conversations completely, you can block the customer, too. They will still be there, but hidden.

Later, if needed, you can forget the new customer ID, and the circle of life continues.

2 Ways to Forget a Customer

By Sending a Text

From your phone, send a text to your TalkToTheManager number.

To forget customer with ID 83, text forget #83

You'll receive a confirmation response. That's it!

By Using the Dashboard

Log in to the dashboard and go to the Messages tab. Find the customer by the location.

On the customer detail page, click the "forget this customer" button.

forget this customer

As always, thanks for using TalkToTheManager and for your feature requests. We love to make our service better for you!

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