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Tips for Getting More Client Engagement Using TalkToTheManager at Your Medical Office

Once you've signed up with TalkToTheManager, you'll want to make sure you are doing everything you can to get clients to engage in this anonymous feedback channel.

We want to help you get the most value from our service, so we've put together this brief list of tips to help you get more texts (and therefore more feedback) from your clients in your medical office.

Promote your TalkToTheManager number

If patients don't see the number or don't have the messaging with it close by, they may not notice your signage or know how it works.

For doctor and dentist offices, one sign at the receptionist desk is not enough. Place multiple signs in the waiting area, and also print the number on appointment cards, or on a brochure that you provide to patients. That way they don't have to be in the office to text you, and can preserve their anonymity by texting from home if desired.

medical office waiting room

Make a call to action that gets you the feedback you want.

We've found that when our clients ask for a specific kind of feedback from their customers, they get what they ask for. Putting the right kind of call to action on signage will get you the feedback you want. And be sure to customize the message for your brand in your brand's voice.

Looking for customers to suggest improvements? Ask "How can we serve you better?" or "What would make your visit even better?"

On the other hand, specific questions can help you make decisions or take the temperature on specific concerns: "Did your appointment start on time today?" or "Would you recommend us to a friend?" Then rotate questions over time.

Get your staff involved.

You will get the most engagement when your staff also promotes the number. "Feel free to send us an anonymous text and tell us how we're doing. We'd appreciate your feedback and won't see your phone number." That's as easy as it gets.

And let your staff know that we've found that 75% of messages received from customers are positive, so this is a great way for your staff to get positive feedback from patients and get praise that goes straight to their supervisor, increasing their chances of a promotion or a raise.

Handle Complaints Privately, in Real-Time

Get Anonymous Customer Feedback by Text Message

Our service allows your customers to send you anonymous feedback by text message, but you can still text them back and resolve problems before the customer leaves. It's completely private.

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