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Google to Shut Down TalkBin, Recommends TalkToTheManager to Customers


A few months ago, we got word that Google would be shutting down TalkBin, a customer feedback service similar to ours. TalkBin customers started migrating to our service, and we knew the time would come sometime this summer that the service would cease operations.

We discovered a few days ago that support emails to TalkBin were receiving an autoreply announcing the shutdown that pointed to dwindling usage in the service and set a date for the shutdown - July 31st.

The email states:

TalkBin usage has dwindled over the past 2 years, and we have decided to shut down the service on July 31st, 2014. Effective immediately, all billing has stopped for your existing locations in TalkBin. TalkBin will be completely shut down on July 31st, and all account data will be deleted shortly afterwards.

The email then continues with how business customers can archive the conversations they have had with customers, and recommends migrating to a service that provides similar functionality, recommending TalkToTheManager as a TalkBin alternative.

We know this must be a tough time for the TalkBin team, and they are likely very busy right now responding to customer questions and requests and preparing for the shutdown. We'll be helping customers transition to our service and are working with TalkBin to port their customers' TalkBin-provided phone numbers to our service, since many customers invest quite a bit in signage and other print media that features their number.

Background on TalkBin

Talkbin was a 5-month old startup when Google purchased it in April 2011. It was originally a mobile app that consumers could use to send anonymous feedback to any business. The business shut down temporarily and was relaunched with a website to accompany the app, and the ability for business owners to sign up and receive feedback by text message through a dedicated phone number.

TalkBin was part of the Google Local offering, a portfolio of services for small business to help local business owners make the most of the web and mobile services to improve their businesses.

Update - July 7: We have worked through the process with TalkBin to allow TalkBin customers to move their numbers to TalkToTheManager quickly and with no loss in service. Contact us today so we can move your numbers!

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