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5 Tips for Improving Patient Reviews

At the 12th Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management-Driven Conference in Chicago on June 13, Beth Berger, national director of the healthcare practice at Arthur J. Gallagher and Co., and Dana Fox, shared best practices for managing social media comments and patient reviews.

Research suggests a potential consumer or patient who reads a user-generated review is more likely to become a customer. Mobile shoppers who view customer content like a review show a 133 percent higher conversion rate, said Ms. Berger.

Medical staff with a patient

How can providers increase the likelihood of a positive review?

Ms. Berger and Ms. Fox provide the following five tips, which have been supported by research:

  1. Don't keep patient waiting.
  2. Review the patient's health history in front of them.
  3. Be transparent and upfront about costs. Don't sugar coat it.
  4. Communicate clearly what you're doing.
  5. Be courteous and kind.

If a negative comment appears, "you absolutely have to respond," she explained. Be careful not to identify the patient, as doing so could violate HIPAA. Let them know how you will respond to their issue, and encourage them to return to the practice.

Article in its entirety at Becker's Spine Review.

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