A Great Alternative to Comment Cards

Give your customers the convenience they want. Let them text you. They’re on their phones anyway. And with our service, both you and your customer's phone numbers remain anonymous.

5 BIG Problems With Comment Cards

  1. They don’t fix the problem for this customer, only future customers
  2. They are often out of sight
  3. Every step to completing a card will lead to fewer submissions

    Here are few spots along the process where customers will just give up:
    • Finding the card. If it's not on the table or in the guest check, it will likely be missed.
    • Have a pen? Most men don’t carry pens with them.
    • Length of card. The longer the card and more involved it is, the less likely you'll ever get it.
    • Suggesting the customer enter their name and/or address. It’s not hard to do, but it’s more work. And some folks will not give you their address because either they want to be anonymous or they are afraid you’ll send them junk mail.
    • Requiring the customer to mail it. More work = fewer cards you receive.
  4. Not allowing the customer to be anonymous will lead to fewer responses
  5. Anonymous comments don’t let you contact the customer to fix the issue

The Modern Way: TalkToTheManager.

See how it works:

How it Works - Talk to the Manager

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