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New Feature: Clone a Text Message Survey

Our text message surveys have been extremely popular with our customers, almost as much as our text message feedback service!

One thing you couldn't do for a long time was copy a survey and all of its questions to a brand new survey. This was terribly inconvenient when you wanted to reuse an existing survey but get new results!

Now you can! You can clone a survey in just a couple of clicks!

How to Clone a Survey

In the Survey Manager, find the survey you want to duplicate. Click on the survey to view its properties.

At the bottom, you'll see a new button to "clone this survey".

Survey we're going to copy

Click the button, and you'll see a new screen with some information on the survey, and a new name and keyword with "copy" in the name and keyword. Remember that survey names and keywords are unique in your account.

ready to clone a survey

Adjust the name and keyword to something that will work for you.

about to clone the survey

Then click "clone survey" and you'll see the new survey at the top of the list!

Now we see the cloned text message survey

What gets cloned?

We copy the survey's:

  • participating locations
  • management permissions
  • result viewing permissions
  • questions
  • settings:
    • times the survey can be taken by each participation
    • conditions on ending the survey
    • question sending method
    • thank you message

Really we clone everything except the customer responses! So enjoy a freshly baked survey right out of the oven!

This clone capability should save you a lot of time, and we appreciate your patience in waiting for this feature. We're always listening, but sometimes things take a while to go from roadmap to development.

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