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New Feature: Customer Notes

Was customer #43 the gentleman who ended up buying a round of drinks for the back of house crew? I don't remember because he texted so long ago. But he's back today. I wish I could remember. If only I could have added a note...

Introducing Notes

Now you can add notes to a customer record so you can remember important details or 'to-do' items specific to a customer.

This was a feature that we had been wanting (we use our own service, too) as well as a long-time feature request from our customers, so we made it a reality.

When you go to the Messages tab, and click a customer number, you'll see the Notes box on the right of the reply box.

customer notes empty

Just click to add a new note, and you'll see this tiny form:

adding a customer note

Once you've added your note, it will have your name with date and time attached. If another manager edits your note, the name and timestamp will change.

You can add multiple notes to one customer. Just add another by clicking the "add" button again.

customer note after adding it

Notes are private and only visible to management, not customers.

Any customers that have notes attached will have a little label next to them.

note label on a customer

You can add as many notes as you like to each customer.


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