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How To See the Filtered Reviews on Yelp

Yelp calls these "not currently recommended" reviews and they are way, way down on a business' Yelp page.


Scroll all the way to the bottom of a business' Yelp page, right after the last review.

Yelp's not currently recommended reviews


Click the "other reviews that are not currently recommended" link. A few will show up, with a video at the top that explains why reviews are filtered.
Yelp's not recommended reviews It will only display a handful of reviews.


To see all of the filtered reviews, scroll down to the bottom of that list, and you'll see this link:
"Continue reading other reviews that are not currently recommended"

Continue reading other reviews that are not currently recommended

Click that link and you'll see the entire list.


At the bottom of that you'll see a list of reviews that have been removed for violating Yelp's content guidelines or terms of service. The content of these reviews cannot be read.

Reviews Removed for Violating our Content Guidelines or Terms of Service

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