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The 6 Rules of Restaurant Photo Etiquette

Most folks that have a camera phone have done it, including me. A gorgeous plate has been laid in front of you, and the food almost sparkles with deliciousness. Before you dig in, you snap a photo to either share or remember this moment. From bacon cheeseburgers to Wagyu steak, just about everything is a candidate for a foodie-photo.

But there are rules to heed before you snap. Read on.

Taking a picture of your food

1. If the restaurant has a rule prohibiting photography, be kind and don't take that pic.

2. Don't use your flash. It distracts other diners and is rude. I usually leave my flash off on my camera all the time. You get better photos without it, as it makes your food look like a crime scene photo. You'll just have to have a steady hand in low-light surroundings.

3. Take your photo quickly. Don't keep repositioning for multiple photos. Why? Because your food was prepared with a specific timing to get it to your table at just the right temperature. The longer you wait, the lesser your experience will be.

4. No tripods.
Setting up a tripod on a table will make you look like a dork. People do notice.

5. Don't stand up or stand on your chair to take the photo.
It's distracting to other diners. Sometimes your server will be polite to take a photo of everyone at your table, including the table. But these people are busy and trying to keep a dozen things in their head. So reserve that for special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries.

6. Leave other diners out of your photos.
A sweeping photo of the dining room may be alright, but singling out a single table or two is just weird.

Much like when you're on vacation, you want to take photos to capture the memory, but don't forget to enjoy the sunset in front of your eyes.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Photo by NikitaPatel. Like it? Then enjoy Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

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