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The Story of the Brown M&Ms

You may have heard the story of some high-maintenance entertainers that have very particular tastes when it comes to what they require when they tour or have their agents/tour managers book hotels.

Brown M&M

One of these stories, which I've heard a number of times and which I thought was an urban legend, but isn't, is outlined in the video below. It's the story of the brown M&Ms. The story goes that some famous entertainer (in this case the group Van Halen) has certain requirements in their contract when they book a venue or hotel.

Among the many requirements is the somewhat odd request for a bowl of M&Ms. With all the brown M&Ms removed. Crazy, right? Over the top as far as pickiness. Watch the video to see what this request is all about (it's only a couple of minutes) and the reason why.

Jump to 24 minutes in. Sorry, I couldn't get the cue option to work.

The video is from "The Seven Secrets of Exceptional Customer Service" by Carrie Gendreau at the 2011 Vermont Travel Industry Conference but is apropos for any business. There are many examples in the video of how to make your business remarkable.

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