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3 Tips to Better Feedback

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These are simple because simplicity is key. For instance, making sure your wait staff introduces themselves can increase their tips by over 8%. How hard is that? Here's 3 quick tips that can increase the feedback you're receiving from customers.

Educate your staff

This is the absolute number one biggest difference maker! When your staff understands that feedback (good or constructive) increases how well the business operates, and ultimately improves everyone's situation (including theirs - i.e. more customers, more customer loyalty, larger tips, more room for growth and promotion, etc.). It's also really great for them to know that over 75% of the messages from customers are positive. This is a really great way for them to stand out and get recognition when they're doing a great job. And also a great way they can help contribute to the success and growth of the business.

Signage, signage, signage.

TalkToTheManager table tent

It's hard for us to tell you exactly where to put your signs, because every business is set up differently. However we know from talking to many of you, that the businesses seeing the most success have found the most appropriate places to put their signage to make sure their customers are aware that the option to text them anonymously exists. These range from table tents, stickers on menus, sugar caddies, bathroom walls, circled on the bottom of receipts, printed on hotel room key cards, printed on brochures and marketing materials, hanging under the TV in a sports bar, and even some that have posted their TalkToTheManager phone number on their Facebook pages.

Positive feedback is important, too

Don't just ask for negative feedback. Many customers like feeling like they're contributing to the business. This includes asking them what they love about your business. Maybe you have a special that many folks would love to see on the menu full time. This is also the number one way to get your business more positive reviews. When people tell you how great of a job you've done, the best and simplest answer is to thank them and ask them to write you a review on the site that's most appropriate for your business (i.e. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie's List, Urbanspoon, etc.). Don't forget you can share the positive text messages on your Twitter and Facebook. It's all set up for you inside of our dashboard. Click on the "Messages" tab, scroll down to the customer text you want to share, and click on the Twitter and Facebook button. Yes, it's really that simple. Your customers are generating your posts for you now, and you get to choose the best ones to share.

Now get out there and be awesome!

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