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  1. Restaurant Owner Humiliates “Entitled Yelpers”

    March 3, 2015 by John Washam

    Michael Scelfo of Alden & HarlowWe’ve heard of Yelpers accused of extorting restaurant owners – demanding special treatment under threat of a negative Yelp review.

    Such a thing can backfire, and when it does, it can backfire hard. According to Eater Boston, a pair of "smug-looking" customers walked into chef Michael Scelfo’s restaurant Alden & Harlow last week with no reservation, decided to seat themselves without any reservation, and then proceeded to berate and insult the restaurant staff. The impudent duo refused to leave and threatened the restaurant with an awful Yelp review.

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  2. New Dashboard Improvements

    December 14, 2014 by John Washam

    Just in time for the holidays, we bring you a new and improved dashboard experience.

    Dashboard tabs

    The new dashboard has been reworked to work with how you use our dashboard:

    For daily use:

    • messages (and conversations)
    • searching messages (new)
    • reports


    For only occasional use (now behind Settings tab):

    • managing your business:
      • adding new locations
      • adding employees & manager
      • managing assignments of managers to locations to receive messages
    • making & ordering signs
    • learning how better to use our service to make your life easier


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  3. Improved Account Management

    August 16, 2014 by John Washam

    We recently made great improvements to help you simplify account management at TalkToTheManager.

    There are three aspects of your account that we’ve simplified:

    • locations
    • managers
    • manager permissions

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  4. New Feature: Support for Long Text Messages!

    August 3, 2014 by John Washam

    Long text messages - finally!This has been a long time coming.  We’ve changed the messaging system to allow you to receive long text messages from customers, as well as the ability to send long text messages to customers!

    We know you’ve been frustrated to receive customer messages in pieces, streaming into your phone one after the other.  And many times they don’t come in the right order.  So you have to mentally put them together, and there are little 3 character fragments that we had to send to you because we needed room to put in the customer number.  Just so frustrating.

    And you’ve tried to send a message to a customer, and it happened to go over 160 characters (and you didn’t know it) and you get the dreaded “Auto-reply: To respond to a customer, you need to…” which means we handled the first part ok, but then got your next text and it didn’t have a customer number on it.  So where did it chop off your message? You don’t know.  What a mess.

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  5. New Feature: Nightly Message Summary Email

    August 3, 2014 by John Washam

    Due to popular demand, we’ve added a great new feature!  Every morning you can now wake up to an email listing all of the messages you’ve received the previous day.  The email will list all of the locations you are assigned to, and the messages received at each location.

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  6. New Feature: Respond to Customers by Email

    July 13, 2014 by John Washam

    Responding by email For the last 2 years, you’ve been able to respond to customers’ anonymous text messages by sending a text.  You’ve also been able to receive customer comments by email, but couldn’t respond.  We’ve changed that.

    Now, if you’ve set up your preferences to receive customer comments by email, you can reply to those emails right from your phone or computer.  We’ll send your response back to the customer, and the customer (as always) won’t see your email address or cell phone number.  It’s awesome!

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  7. Google to Shut Down TalkBin, Recommends TalkToTheManager to Customers

    June 27, 2014 by John Washam

    talkbin-logo A few months ago, we got word that Google would be shutting down TalkBin, a customer feedback service similar to ours.  TalkBin customers started migrating to our service, and we knew the time would come sometime this summer that the service would cease operations.

    We discovered a few days ago that support emails to TalkBin were receiving an autoreply announcing the shutdown that pointed to dwindling usage in the service and set a date for the shutdown – July 31st.

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  8. 5 Tips for Improving Patient Reviews

    June 15, 2014 by John Washam

    At the 12th Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management-Driven Conference in Chicago on June 13, Beth Berger, national director of the healthcare practice at Arthur J. Gallagher and Co., and Dana Fox, shared best practices for managing social media comments and patient reviews.

    Research suggests a potential consumer or patient who reads a user-generated review  is more likely to become a customer. Mobile shoppers who view customer content like a review show a 133 percent higher conversion rate, said Ms. Berger.

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  9. New Feature: Message Notifications

    May 12, 2014 by John Washam

    Thank you to our customers for great feedback. It always leads to new features and moving our service to the next level. 

    We have many customers that use our service for call centers (to offset phone call costs), shopping malls, doctors’ offices and other situations where the Messages view is always open and customer service folks are responding to customers from the website and not from their cell phones.

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  10. New Feature: After-Hours Autoreply

    February 25, 2014 by John Washam

    We love to take customer feedback and turn it into features. That’s when you know you’re providing what customers want.  Especially when the feature helps us, too, because we also use TalkToTheManager to communicate with potential clients.

    On Monday night we launched the after-hours autoreply.  This feature lets you set business hours for your business and a special autoreply for customers that text you after hours.  In addition, you can hold messages after hours and view those messages the next morning, and respond at your convenience.  No need to get a text at 3am when you’re trying to get some well-needed sleep.

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