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  1. “Billion Dollar Bully” Reaches $60,000 Kickstarter Goal

    March 27, 2015 by John Washam

    Kaylie Milliken and Mellissa Wood of Prost Films“Billion Dollar Bully”, the upcoming Yelp exposé by Prost Productions, reached its $60,000 funding goal after only 7 days on Kickstarter.

    Businesses often claim that Yelp salespeople call them to sell them on advertising services, and when they decline Yelp responds by burying positive reviews and surfacing negative ones to the top. Yelp denies these practices, and frequently points to failed lawsuits, an FTC investigation, and a study which it says prove that these stories are nothing more than conspiracy theories.

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  2. Video: Yelp Reacts to Upcoming Investigative Documentary

    March 24, 2015 by John Washam

    Yesterday, just 4 days after the anti-yelp documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” launched its funding campaign on Kickstarter, Yelp has already released a statement about the makers of the film, and their VP of corporate communications appeared in a joint interview with the producer on CNBC.

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  3. Study: 70% of Restaurant Customers Never Come Back

    March 19, 2015 by John Washam

    Thanx, which helps merchants identify, engage, and retain their best customers, today published "6 Critical Stats for Customer Loyalty," a 2014 retail and restaurant study highlighting the major customer retention challenges U.S. businesses face amidst an increasingly indiscriminate population. Analyzing more than 18 million multi-location merchant transactions, Thanx found that revenue was highly-concentrated among a small number of customers, with the top 25% contributing 64% of revenue – "top-heaviness" even more pronounced in retail.

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  4. Yelp Documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” on Kickstarter

    March 19, 2015 by John Washam

    We’ve all heard stories of star ratings taking a nosedive after a restaurateur declined advertising or other services offered by Yelp salespeople.  And you always weren’t sure if it’s true or just coincidence.

    In September, a federal appeals court threw out a suit brought by small-business owners claiming Yelp extorted advertising payments from them by manipulating reviews on its site. That ruling emphasized in part that Yelp has no obligation to publish positive reviews for businesses. In 2011, a federal judge tossed an earlier suit.  In January, the Federal Trade Commission ended an inquiry of the company without taking action.

    This documentary hopes to uncover dirty secrets behind Yelp operations.  Prost Productions is raising $60,000 on Kickstarter to fund production and post-production of its investigative documentary.  They’ve raised $10,640 so far, with 31 days left to go.  They raised $5,000 on day 1.

    From the filmmakers:

    Billion Dollar Bully is an investigative documentary about Yelp that examines the claims by business owners of extortion, review manipulation and review fabrication. In this documentary you will meet business owners from across a broad spectrum, whose commonality is their allegations of Yelp’s questionable business dealings.

    For years, Yelp has been accused of unethical business practices, all of which Yelp vehemently denies and chalks up as conspiracy theories.

    Business owners and consumers deserve to see arguments for and against Yelp’s business tactics. After so much debate in the media, this documentary is long overdue.

    Check out their promotional video:


    And their Kickstarter plea by Kaylie Milliken:

    What do you think? Would you help fund this project?

    We just did. :)


  5. Restaurant Staff Read Yelp Reviews About Themselves

    March 19, 2015 by John Washam

    You’ve seen videos of dramatic readings of Yelp reviews, and even well-known chefs reading and responding to their own reviews, but it really hits home when the restaurant staff reads reviews about themselves.

    The video is a little NSFW for language, but nothing you haven’t read in a Yelp review already, right?


    Thanks to Lulu Glenn for putting this together.

    Created by: Lulu Glenn (@MissLunator on Twitter/Instagram)
    Directed/Edited by: Graham High (@GrahamHigh on Twitter)

  6. Restaurant Owner Humiliates “Entitled Yelpers”

    March 3, 2015 by John Washam

    Michael Scelfo of Alden & HarlowWe’ve heard of Yelpers accused of extorting restaurant owners – demanding special treatment under threat of a negative Yelp review.

    Such a thing can backfire, and when it does, it can backfire hard. According to Eater Boston, a pair of "smug-looking" customers walked into chef Michael Scelfo’s restaurant Alden & Harlow last week with no reservation, decided to seat themselves without any reservation, and then proceeded to berate and insult the restaurant staff. The impudent duo refused to leave and threatened the restaurant with an awful Yelp review.

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  7. New Dashboard Improvements

    December 14, 2014 by John Washam

    Just in time for the holidays, we bring you a new and improved dashboard experience.

    Dashboard tabs

    The new dashboard has been reworked to work with how you use our dashboard:

    For daily use:

    • messages (and conversations)
    • searching messages (new)
    • reports


    For only occasional use (now behind Settings tab):

    • managing your business:
      • adding new locations
      • adding employees & manager
      • managing assignments of managers to locations to receive messages
    • making & ordering signs
    • learning how better to use our service to make your life easier


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  8. Improved Account Management

    August 16, 2014 by John Washam

    We recently made great improvements to help you simplify account management at TalkToTheManager.

    There are three aspects of your account that we’ve simplified:

    • locations
    • managers
    • manager permissions

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  9. New Feature: Support for Long Text Messages!

    August 3, 2014 by John Washam

    Long text messages - finally!This has been a long time coming.  We’ve changed the messaging system to allow you to receive long text messages from customers, as well as the ability to send long text messages to customers!

    We know you’ve been frustrated to receive customer messages in pieces, streaming into your phone one after the other.  And many times they don’t come in the right order.  So you have to mentally put them together, and there are little 3 character fragments that we had to send to you because we needed room to put in the customer number.  Just so frustrating.

    And you’ve tried to send a message to a customer, and it happened to go over 160 characters (and you didn’t know it) and you get the dreaded “Auto-reply: To respond to a customer, you need to…” which means we handled the first part ok, but then got your next text and it didn’t have a customer number on it.  So where did it chop off your message? You don’t know.  What a mess.

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  10. New Feature: Nightly Message Summary Email

    August 3, 2014 by John Washam

    Due to popular demand, we’ve added a great new feature!  Every morning you can now wake up to an email listing all of the messages you’ve received the previous day.  The email will list all of the locations you are assigned to, and the messages received at each location.

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