What our customers are saying:

"Hi! Alma was AWESOME! The food was excellent (best fajita I have ever eaten in my life!). Margaritas were delicious and Alma took incredible care of us. She's a rock star!"
"I'm loving the food here at El Tiempo Cantina. This place couldn't be any better! thanks for always serving us"
"I just want to express my sincere appreciation for 2 persons that have always gone beyond the call of duty for me everytime I visit. Especially today for my 30 yrs anniversary !!!! They are the Best !!!! Jonathan & Edgar (manager).... Thanks Lorenzo !!!"
"Table 14. In town visiting, this is literally the best food I've ever had. Our server would be at home in ANY 5 star restaurant, the food is world class, the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. I just cannot just enough good things about this amazing restaurant. I will 100% be back and I will be bringing back up. Absolutely incredible experience, thank you!"
"Food and service were great, was taken care of by Walter and Ostin. Thank you Eduardo and Hugo for taking the time to stop by and say hi, my compliments to your staff and management for always providing outstanding guest service."
"Hello, I am inquiring to see if the 1308 Annex location is now open. Thanks"